Renewable Energy: a common good.

The sun is directly or indirectly the source of energy from all renewable energy currently known on Earth. This is a clean and inexhaustible resource, which reaches all over the globe and, rationally, should be exploited through appropriate transformations to meet the energy needs of the different places of consumption.


European Technology at service of promotion of alternative energy sources to allow its expansion in developing countries...

GREALTEC team, as integral part of the development of alternative energy and energy efficiency in Europe over last 10 years, provide expertise, experience and management throughout the process of implementation of alternative energy systems, from design, development and manufacture of equipment and components, the drafting of implementation and the construction and design of facilities.

CORPORATE VISION provide energy alternative products in growth markets for a fair and reasonable price.

Manufacturing and marketing of the product line GREALTEC comes from the requirements of our customers on the installation of the optimum components for each facility, at prices that allow the economic justification of projects and in compliance all required quality standards.

The main GREALTEC target is to provide to installers, distributors and end-users  all equipment necessary for the implementation of its alternative energy projects and energy efficiency, with a completed technical support. GREALTEC operates in a personalized way, away from speculation suffered for years by alternative technologies and breaking down the barriers that prevent our clients to bring these alternative solutions to the final consumer.